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"Just Code It" More than a QR Code !

About us

Our founder - entrepreneur, creative, and a lover of ease - wanted an easy and accessible way to transfer information without having to awkwardly wait for someone to spell out their IG handle or read aloud their phone number while manually typing it into her phone contacts.

Everyone says business cards are outdated, yet the market hasn’t provided a solution for people to quickly exchange contact information without having to manually type in every letter, number, and hyphen. There must be an easier way, right?

Well, she found a way, using technology to make it easy.

If you have a cell phone and a set of keys, you are usually never without either of them. Adding the two together just makes sense. House keys + cell phone = JUST CODE IT.


JUST CODE IT: A ready-to-go, digital business card for all 365 days of the year.

Drive friends, fans, and new business connections to your preferred digital landing page via a customized, personal, engraved keychain.



1. Choose the digital keychain that best aligns with your brand’s style.

Our keychains come in 3 custom colors: GOLD for the elite charmer, SILVER for those who like a classic vibe, and ROSE GOLD for those who like to keep it fancy. 

Our digital keychains are ¼ inch thick (1/8 inch mirror acrylic + a 1/8 inch white acrylic), making it easy to carry and easy to notice.